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Endorsing Best Practices: British High Commissioner to Nigeria Visits IIPELP

The International Institute for Petroleum Energy Law and Policy (IIPELP) on Wednesday January 28, 2015 played host to the British High commissioner to Nigeria Dr Andrew Pocock. IIPELP is a professional organization that enthrones the principles of organizational strengthening, Institutional development and capacity building while ensuring best practices in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The British envoy’s visit aimed at endorsing best practices (which IIPELP stands for), started at 12 noon with the arrival of Dr. Pocock at the IIPELP’S new office in Abuja. He was received by the President of IIPELP, Prof Niyi Ayoola-Daniels. The president introduced the staff to Dr. Pocock after which he (the British envoy) went into a closed door meeting with executive management of IIPELP. After the meeting, the British high Commissioner had lunch/interactive session with all the staff and management of IIPELP and he was thereafter presented with an award for his visit by the IIPELP president on behalf of IIPELP.

Dr. Andrew Pocock - British High Commissioner to Nigeria

Finally, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria was impressed and commented that IIPELP’S vision is worth encouraging and will always get his support when called upon.



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