Friday, 16 November 2018

Midstream Gas

  1. Gas Processing Plants Economics and Optimization
  2. Gas Strategy Development/ Gas Master Plan
  3. Gas Processing Fee and Margin Analysis
  4. Gas Processing Agreements (GPA) and Gas Swap Agreements (SWAPS)
  5. Gas Transmission Pipeline Tariffing Economics
  6. Processing Fee Economics
  7. Pricing Analysis and Forecasts
  8. Fiscal Incentives Design & Evaluation
  9. Evaluation of Sectoral Policy Options
  10. Competitive Analysis
  11. Strategic Business Intelligence
  12. Environmental Law
  13. Competitive and Market Analysis
  14. Commercial Negotiations
  15. Nuanced Analysis of Energy Policy Issues e.g. energy trilemma (conservation, equity and availability)
  16. Terminal and Storage Through-put Economics

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